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Make Your Plants Flourish!

We are delighted to be introducing the Seachem Flourish range of plant additives to our shelves! Many of you will be familiar with Seachem, but we thought we’d give you a beginner friendly introduction to the range, to help you ‘cherry pick’ what products, if not all of them, could work for your planted aquarium!


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Aquatic Plant Nutrient Deficiency

Flourish is the ‘beating heart’ of the range. It’s a comprehensive yet easy to use, broad range plant fertiliser containing potassium, Iron and other essential elements that contribute to healthy plants and plant growth. If you’re noticing your plants are stunted, not growing particularly fast, leaves are covered in little holes, or that new growth is looking a little ‘lack lustre’, Flourish is your go to. Dose 1-2 times per week as required.

Flourish Excel

Flourish excel is the liquid carbon element of the Flourish range. A liquid carbon additive is a convenient and easy way to provide your plants with much needed carbon, without running the risk of altering the pH which can be an issue when adding gas injected C02. Carbon is essential for all life forms, and in planted tanks this can help with slow or insufficient plant growth, and also helps to eliminate algae. Does Flourish excel daily, or use on alternative days when used in conjunction with injected C02 for an additional ‘boost’.

Flourish Iron

Flourish Iron provides a boost of Iron for planted tanks, in a form which is available to be absorbed by the plant! Flourish contains some iron, however dosing with Flourish Iron specifically can make sure Iron levels are maintained in the aquarium, whilst avoiding ‘overdosing’ on other elements which are not as quickly depleted. Iron is essential for plants to make Chlorophyll, so if you notice that new growth is yellowy or pale, or your plant stems are weak and feeble, you could well be struggling with an Iron deficiency In your tank! Dose 3 times a week as and when needed.

Flourish Advance

This stuff is magic in a bottle! Flourish Advance is rooting hormone product, which stimulates root growth and rapidly improves plant growth. If you’re re-scaping, starting a new tank with cuttings, buying new plants, or are just impatient for the new scape to grow in… this stuff is fantastic! A brilliant product to have in your stash! Dose daily for 10 days to stimulate root growth, then every other day.

So that's our new Seachem Flourish range covered. We hope you've found it helpful, and perhaps you're now looking at your own tank, wondering if your plants could do with a helping hand! If you're still unsure, please feel free to drop us a message, pick up the phone, or pop in store for a chat and a coffee.


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