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New Fish and Plants!

We've had a HUGE tropical fish delivery in this week... with something for everyone! Here's a couple of highlights...

Gold Rams are a colour morph of the standard Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, and are real characters that make a great addition to almost any tank. These lovely fish are best kept in pairs, and grow to approx 5cm. Originally only available for those with softer water, these guys have now been bred in harder water, and therefore are not limited to certain conditions, although a lower pH will encourage breeding behaviour.

Males can be distinguished by their elongated dorsal fin, and a more pointed anal fin, compared to the more rounded look of the female's.

Feeding a mixture of good quality flake food such as Tetra Pro Colour, and frozen or live food, will keep these chaps in tip top condition and maintain their beautiful colouration.

The Threadfin Rainbow, Iriatherina Werneri is a lovely little species for beginners and experienced keepers alike.

Attaining a maximum size of 4cm, keep them in shoals of as many as possible, so the fish feel secure in numbers. You'll then be rewarded with mesmerising mating rituals, during which the males will display their beautiful finnage to the females in the group.

The tanks are bustling in store, with everything from Pygmy Corydoras and Red honey Gourami, to some lovely South American cichlids such as T-Bars and Severums.

Our plant tanks are also restocked, with some enormous, and ever popular Amazon swords, Java moss and some beautiful and very hardy, Anubias species.

If you are venturing out in-between the showers, we've also had a lovely new selection of Pond Plants delivered, including more lillies, oxygenating bunches and floating plants.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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