Colombo Flora Base Pro


Quite simply, the very best planting we've ever used.

Made in Japan, this nutrient rich substrate is perfect for successful plant growth.  The nature of this substrate means it will stabilise the pH of your aquarium to around pH6, perfect for plants to thrive in.


  • No cleaning required
  • Lowers and stabilizes the pH of the water to a value of 6-6.5

  • Prevents pH fluctuations which greatly promotes the health of the fish

  • Promotes plant growth by naturally occurring higher CO2 levels at a stable low pH

  • Porous, ensuring a proper flow of water around the soil for healthy root growth and optimum soil bacteria growth and metabolism

  • Contains humic acids which helps absorption of pollutants and odors

  • 100% natural, baked volcanic material, rich in natural minerals.

  • Lower GH, which makes hard water softer and thus reduces limescale

  • Use alone or with a another planting substrate underneath.

  • Looks great.  Create stunning aquascapes.

Colombo Flora Base Pro 10Ltr (Fine)

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