The Superfish Aqua Flow 100 dual action internal aquarium filters are extremely quiet and economical in operation. Aqua Flow 100 is perfectly suited to use in coldwater or tropical aquariums.

Aqua Flow 100 has a flow control knob and the outlet can be rotated to change the direction of the water flow. There is also an optional spray bar included which when used will increase aeration in the water

The dual action filter cartridge on the Aqua Flow 100 consists of fully open structure filter foam for perfect filtering and activated carbon to remove organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water.

Aqua Flow 100 has an easy click replacement cartridge system, allowing quick, clean and easy replacement of the filter media. Superfish recommend the Aqua Flow 100 filter cartridge should be changed monthly.

Recommended Tank Size: 50-100 litre

Aqua Flow 100 Specification:
Easy Click replacement cartridge system
Dual Action Complete Filtration both Mechanical & Biological (with activated Carbon)
For tropical or and cold water aquariums
Very easy quick cleaning & filter replacement
Optional spray bar
Adjustable outflow speed
Adjustable outflow direction
Flow rate 100-200 litres per hour
Low Power Consumption
Extremely Quiet
12 Month Warranty

Superfish Aqua Flow 100